A rewards program encouraging conscious shopping choices

In a nutshell...

Say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to fair trade with Fairwell, a fair trade e-commerce app and rewards program!
Our project was awarded 4th place at the Adobe x Patagonia Creative Jam out of 175+ teams.
2 designers
My Role
Product Designer
Adobe x Patagonia Creative Jam (2 weeks)
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Fast fashion is an exploitative business model.

Fashion trends and social media shopping hauls often come at the cost of workers and inhumane working conditions. Apparel workers are among the lowest paid in the world.

At the Adobe x Patagonia Creative Jam, our challenge was to design a third-party mobile app informing consumers about brands who support living wages, creating a way to view measurable impact. We were given eight days to complete our project in AdobeXD.
Our Challenge
How might we inform consumers about brands supporting living wages?

Digging deeper ⛏️

We started with contextual research into the fair trade industry. Here’s what we found:


of consumers want to know where and how their products are made


of consumers want to know how companies protect workers’ human rights


of consumers say the Fairtrade label makes it easy to decide whether a product is responsibly produced
From these insights, we identified key goals that our solution would provide to consumers:
Learn about the fair trade industry
Discover fair trade products and brands
Make fair trade shopping choices

A proposed solution

Our intervention: Fairwell
A shopping catalog and rewards program to discover and reward consumers’ ethical shopping choices
Every purchase made through our app allows a consumer to make an impact by directly supporting brands that value fair trade and living wages. Consumers can directly see their impact through their points earned, which they can use to support fair trade organizations or redeem gift cards from fair trade brands.

Lots of sketching!

With our desired features in mind, we moved into sketching low-fidelity prototypes. Due to the time constraint, we went straight from these sketches into hi-fi mockups. Putting plenty of detail into our lo-fi sketches helped a lot in streamlining our process.

Introducing... Fairwell!

Fairwell Rewards Program

Users can earn points through purchases made through Fairwell. These points can then be used to redeem either gift cards from participating vendors, or make donations to fair trade organizations.

Redeem Gift Cards

Make Charitable Donations

Looking back...

Fairwell was a great success, winning 4th place amongst 175+ teams at the Adobe x Patagonia Creative Jam .
This project was challenging- working within a very short time frame with a challenging prompt was difficult, but rewarding. Fun fact- Fairwell was my very first UX project. Winning the Creative Jam gave me the confidence to keep pursuing a career in this field!