Designing for Western Canada’s largest hackathons.

In a nutshell...

nwPlus hosts three of Western Canada’s largest hackathons for thousands of hackers each year. I got to work on some cool projects as a designer and design team lead!
7 designers, development  team, project manager
My Role
Design Lead (2022/23)
Designer (2021/22)
May 2021 - May 2023

Hackathon Websites

Throughout my two-year stint on the nwPlus design team, I worked on 6 of our hackathon websites!
I led the brand and web design for HackCamp, Canada’s biggest beginner-oriented hackathon in 2021 and 2022. I also illustrated sections of the nwHacks and cmd-f 2022/2023 websites as well.

Pluto App

Pluto is an internal-facing hacker management app for the nwPlus team. It uses QR codes to associate important information to hackers, like check-in, food tickets and event attendance.


I hosted a handful of “Figma 101” and “Design Basics in Figma” workshops for beginners interested in design! These workshops covered the basic Figma tools and features, color and text styles, basic prototyping, and autolayout!Here’s what some attendees had to say about my workshops :)
Alex was rly engaging with the audience!
This workshop was absolutely amazing! I learned so much, and am excited to transfer and grow the skills I have learned there in future projects!
This workshop was very informative and very interactive (which was a great element).