My experience as a UX Design Intern.

In a nutshell...

I spent 16 months as a UX design intern on the Partner Engineering team at SAP. Throughout my internship, I was the lead designer for the SAP for Me Partner platform while assisting on a variety of partner-facing projects.
6 developers, 2 designers, Scrum Master, PM/PO
My Role
UX Design Intern
May 2022 - August 2023

What did I work on?

While I can’t go into specifics about my design projects here due to my NDA, feel free to reach out for more details and I’d be happy to chat!

SAP for Me

My main project! SAP for Me is a digital companion that aggregates a partner or customer’s SAP portfolio into one platform. I co-designed several new features for the platform, leading to an  increase of 7% in user satisfaction rate.

Partner Applications

I assisted on smaller projects for partner-facing applications. I created responsive designs, conducted user interviews, and migrated products to SAP’s new design system.

UX Advocacy

I contributed to our overall team’s UX maturity and education by making presentations, guides, and workshops to educate my colleagues about the importance of UX.

What did I learn?

1. I can be a UX designer! 💖

This internship was my first UX job- initially, there was a bit of a learning curve. It was my first time working in Agile Scrum, and collaborating with our Product Owner, Scrum Master and development team. This internship gave me confidence to keep going in my UX career!!

2. Design systems are fun ⚙️

One of the biggest challenges I overcame was navigating SAP’s extensive design systems. (SAP actually has 2!)  It was the very first design system I had really seen and used, but this experience made my realize just how much I enjoyed exploring and working with design systems!

3. Learn the language of your developers 💬

I learned a lot about design-development workflows (and their many ups and downs 😅)! What helped our team most was handing off designs with clear documentation and keeping very open lines of communication!
I introduced our agile team to the Fiori design system, encouraging best practice use of components, colour styles and text styles within our UI libraries.

4. UX maturity starts with U (haha) 💪

I gravitated towards UX advocacy and education within the Partner Engineering team, despite being just an intern.I created presentations and guides to our org about our UX team’s process, the importance of user research, and getting UX a seat at the decision-making table.
This led to an overall increase in our team’s annual UX maturity score, along with getting buy-in from every product owner in Partner Engineering!

Some other cool things from my internship

Speaking at a UX conference- twice!

My manager encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and give not one but two lightning talks at the UXxUX conference 2022 and 2023!

Lost in Figma: Improving your UX intern’s user experience (2022)

I talked about how best practices in Figma can help your new intern hit the ground running.

Hacking the Product Design Process (2023)

I shared my love of hackathons and how they can be a powerful tool in product innovation!

I couldn’t have asked for a better team for my first internship!

A HUGE thank you to my manager Simon, my UX team, my fellow interns, and the Partner Engineering team for being so welcoming and supportive!